Remembering Dag Hammarskjold’s mystical wisdom

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Am slowly re-reading “Markings”, which was my main spiritual rudder through the latter part of university [1964-66], and into my 20s.

Am struck again by the following passage: how much it expresses what I later have loved in Eckhart Tolle about the ‘eternal present’. He really was quite a Christian mystic

The final four lines have a real Tantric perspective: seeing/serving God in the world.  

I would say this still is the best expression of my personal mission.

“Offspring of the past, pregnant with the future, the present moment, nevertheless, always exists in eternity—always in eternity as the point of intersection between time and the timelessness of faith, and therefore, as the moment of freedom from past and future.

“Thou who are over us,

Thou who are one of us,

Thou who art

Also within us,

May all see Thee—in me also,

May I prepare the way for Thee,

May I thank Thee for all that shall fall to my lot,

May I also not forget the needs of others,

Keep me in Thy love

As Thou wouldst that all should be kept in mine.

May everything in this my being be directed to Thy glory

And may I never despair.

For I am under They hand,

And in Thee is all power and goodness.

Give me a pure heart—that I may see Thee,

A humble heart—that I may hear Thee,

A heart of love—that I may serve Thee,

A heart of faith—that I may abide in Thee.”  p. 100