What is “21st Century Masculinity” anyway?

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“what our planet needs now”

What kind of men does the planet need now?

“Man must love man, or war is forever.”— James Broughton


  • Men evolved in tribes to compete and be strong…to protect our tribe…to compete for sex and survival.
  • Fear is still often present between men…a residual, primal fear of competition and/or sexual predation (often clothed in anger or being super-cool) .
  • Now that our species is nearly 7 billion on a small planet, competition and conquest MUST be replaced with cooperation and building trust.It’s no longer “us” versus “them”.
  • It’s all US.In doing the work of Manology – Men’s Work – we ask: what about sexual energy and attraction? If I open up and let down my guard, will I be seen as sexually available or making an advance?  An open heart is not the same as an open groin. It is possible to be open to brotherhood AND have clear boundaries.

“True courage is the product of tenderness. It arises when we let the world touch our heart, our heart that is so beautiful and so bare. We are ready to open ourselves up, with no resistance or timidity, and truly face the world. We are ready to share our heart with others.” Chogyam Trungpa

How can we learn to lay down our arms as competitors and open our arms to embrace our brothers, maintaining our sense of self and our masculinity?

Join us to explore brotherhood at Manology ~ http://masculinity21st.wordpress.com/

Please share this PDF: Manology-Brotherhood-1010


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