Beyond “Masculine”/”Feminine”: Expanding our understanding of “gender”

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The media have taken notice: Teens are being bullied and committing suicide because they do not fit our culture’s narrow, binary definitions of  “masculine” and “feminine”.

This oppression, which has been going on for eons,  hurts us all and limits  our ability to embody and express our full humanity, which is not   “either/or”.

We are all BOTH masculine AND feminine, regardless of what kind of plumbing we have.

Here are two authors whose writing expands beyond the binary:

1] Genia Pauli Haddon has written a brilliant essay enlarging the view of gender: Haddon-graphic

Her book is listed here:

2] Charles Eisenstein has drawn on Haddon to articulate a new view of human evolution emphasizing the ascent of the Yang Feminine and Yin Masculine:


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