The Great Trans-Canadian Rail Adventure

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I love train travel—the gentle rocking rhythm—as ever-changing vistas glide by, the chance to leisurely chat with fellow rail lovers about their own adventures and get glimpses of their lives. It nourishes and restores my soul!

Ever since 1987, when I fulfilled a long-time dream of seeing Canada by rail, and spent 4 days and nights travelling from Vancouver to Toronto, I have wanted to do it again and see the rest of the country…all the way to Halifax.
In early April, when I heard that VIA Rail Canada was having a huge seat sale, I did not hesitate to carpe diem. When would there be another chance like this?
So I went on and booked the whole country: Vancouver to Halifax — wow! That’s about 6,000 KM or 3,740 miles [according to Mr. Google].
Am happy to report the VIA Rail Canada is alive and well. Like Universal Health Care and the CBC, VIA Rail has historically bound this vast land together, defining us as a nation…a far-flung community. Riding the rails reminds me that all that is still true, and that our federal government has shown the wisdom to preserve and strenthen these ties-that-bind.
So here are some of the highlights of my on-board experiences as well as what I’ve seen on my several stop-overs. I hope this inspires you to take your own Great Trans-Canadian Rail Adventure.
is as near as your mouse!


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