“The Canadian” ready to roll

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There is a quiet excitement here at Pacific Station…very Canadian.

This old train has 24 cars…well-maintained since the 1950s and beautifully updated in recent years.

One of the many improvements VIA has made since my earlier journey 23 years ago is the schedule: the train used to go through the mountains at night, meaning that all but the most ardent night owls would sleep through the most spectacular scenery. Now it leaves at 8:30 PM, which means in summer the mountains begin at breakfast and continue until after dinner…well past Jasper.


One thought on ““The Canadian” ready to roll

    Mary Ann said:
    May 26, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    How exciting! You know my parents took the East to West trip for their honeymoon many years ago. I had planned to take the trip as my college graduation trip but did the U.S. rail pass instead – back in ’82 (My college roommate & I visited you in CA on that trip). What a wonderful adventure!

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