On-board amenities

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The seat sale made Sleepers affordable, which is called First Class, and feels like it.

I made some happy discoveries shortly after boarding:
There are 4 Lounge cars and 2 diners.
The 3 First Class Lounge Cars offer self-service coffee/tea/juice/snacks and fresh flowers.

The sleeper cars each have a shower…joy! Amazingly, my first 3 mornings I have not had to wait. Of course water is limited on a train, so the faucet is on a 15-second timer. But I am used to “Navy showers” from my California days: get wet, soap up, then rinse off.  30 seconds of hot water feels like a most welcome luxury compared to every other train trip I’ve taken over the last 35 years that involved a “bird bath” in the lavatory.


One thought on “On-board amenities

    Mary Ann said:
    May 26, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    Wow, now you’re really making me jealous, the luxury of a train trip with a shower. What would my Dad have thought?

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