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The cheapest sleeper, and the only one available when I booked, is the Upper Berth.
It’s a clever, space-efficient arrangement. [Do I sound like a realtor?] There are two facing bench seats by day, which the Car Attendant converts to a Lower Berth for the night. They also pulls down the Upper into a full-length bed with fresh linens and duvet. I’ve been grateful for all my years practicing yoga, as climbing up/down and un/dressing require a bit of agility. I also learned why VIA urges checking all but essential on-board luggage: whatever you carry aboard shares the bed with you!
The rooms are, well, roomier…at an appopriately higher fare.


One thought on “Berthing

    Mary Ann said:
    May 26, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    So do you have a roommate? Do you sit with just the two of you in the car during the daytime ride or is the daytime ride in a more general car like I’ve ridden in in the states?

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