Chanting for Peace on my 65th

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On Friday, August 7, I will join friends and loved ones near and far to chant for peace.

Please consider joining us in spirit sometime that weekend by setting aside some time to be quiet with yourself, and/or with others, to pray, meditate, and visualize world peace.
I will be thinking of you with love as I do the same.

I have a life-long yearning to promote peace. I was a child of war, conceived unintentionally just before my father shipped off to Europe, and born 2 months after D-Day, where he was part of the landing on Normandy beach. My dear mother, who never planned on motherhood, found herself pregnant and fearful that she might never see her husband again. He did make it home 18 months after I arrived, and was a life-long alcoholic — to try to forget the devastation and suffering he must have witnessed, which I cannot begin to imagine, as they fought their way to Berlin. On the day before my birthday every year, the world remembers the horrors of Hiroshima. I was part of the US War Machine in Vietnam and saw the futility of war firsthand.

Since my 30s I have found yoga, meditation, and kirtan to be extremely beneficial in promoting peace of mind and opening the heart. When my ordinary mind quiets through these practices, and my heart opens by chanting these ancient Indian mantras, I feel a deep connection with all beings. I believe, along with Eckhardt Tolle, that it is essential for human survival that we all cultivate practices that lift us beyond our separate egos. We can promote outer peace as we each discover it within our own hearts. I find it a delightful pleasure to chant with other kindred spirits.
Thank you for joining me!


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