“Summer of Love”, 2003

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On this longest day of 2003, I send cool breezes from Vancouver and warm greetings from my very happy heart! I am thrilled that Canada is poised to declare that love between women and love between men is as worthy of public honour as love between women and men.
Never in my wildest dreams as a young gay man could I have hoped for such a profound social shift in my lifetime. Then, I was deeply conflicted: I felt exhilaration and fulfilment when I was able to share love with another man; in my soul it felt completely natural and right. Yet there was an equally deep shame and guilt at what was still viewed as sick and even criminal, as well as socially repugnant and morally condemed. The confusion between my inner and outer realiteis caused almost unbearable pain.

Now, in less than two generations, our society is entering a new era of interpersonal loving. Young people just coming of age are beginning to take it almost for granted that it’s natural to love either gender or both ( or “all genders” — the rigid distinction between male and female is also blurring into a continuum). It’s as obviously right to them as, at their age, it seemed obvious to me that women deserved to vote—a very contentious issue just 40 years earlier.
I happily predict that in another 40 years, the very labels “straight” and “gay” will seem quaintly dated. Kids will shrug, “What was the Big Deal?” as they freely love whomever they find attractive, regardless of where on the gender spectrum their beloved dwells.
May the fullness of this Solstice light illumine every heart.
I wish you a de-light-full summer — dare I say, “a summer of love?”


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